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spinach and cheese rolls

spinach and cheese rolls
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Packet of white Lasagna sheets.

1 kg of fresh  spinach; Chopped,  Boiled, and squeezed.

250 g of Mixed cheese (Mozzarella, Kashkaval, and Gruyere).

250 g  of Ricotta cheese.

250 g of fresh white cheese.

1 Kg of tomatoes, peeled and chopped.

2  tablespoons of tomato paste.

Salt and pepper.

1 tablespoon of Oregano or Thyme.

1 Medium sized onion, chopped.

2 cloves of garlic, crushed.

1/4 cup of olive oil.


Heat olive oil and fry the onion and garlic on it. Add the tomatoes,  tomato paste , salt, and (Oregano or Thyme); cook the mixture until the sauce become little more thicker. Combine all different types of cheese together (Mozzarella, Kashkaval, Gruyere,  Ricotta, and  white).

Cook up the Lasagna sheets  in a salted  boiled water; wait it until tender, then remove and  rinse  with cold water and dry it by a kitchen towel. Leave the Lasagna sheets  separated from  each other on the kitchen towel until the time of using it.

Arrange 4-5 sheets of Lasagna  on oiled nylon sheet, it should be slightly intertwined with each other, spread  the cheese mixture  “which you have made before” and the spinach on it.

Sprinkle with pepper and then roll the padded Lasagna sheets in the shape of long stem by used of the nylon sheet. Cut the padded stem to 4-5 pieces. Repeat the same steps for the other padded  Lasagna sheets.

Spread the tomato sauce mixture into the prepared baking dish. Place pieces of the padded  Lasagna side by side over the sauce, bake in the preheated oven in 350 degrees F ( 180 degrees C) until the edges of Lasagna dish be reddish.

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