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Olive Pickles

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  • • 1 KG of big green olive.
  • • 1 tablespoon of celery (leaves) cut into 4 thin pieces.
  • • 5 garlic cloves.
  • • 2 husked carrots.
  • • 3 chili.
  • • 1 part of lemon juice (with keeping the zest).
  • • 1 part of white vinegar.
  • • 1 part of salted water (3 tablespoons of coarse salt for each cup of water)..
  • • Vegetables oil.


Step 1

• Wash olive well and crack it longitudinally with the end of a sharp knife.

Step 2

• Soak the olive in water for 3 days with considering changing the water every day until you get rid of the acrid taste of it.

Step 3

• Hammer the garlic using a little of salt and chili and then mix it with carrot and celery, then filter the olive, rinse it and filter it again. Compact it off and on with the mix of garlic, carrot and celery with pressure to get rid of air.

Step 4

• Put a layer of zest between the olive layers and vegetables or put the zest as a last layer.

Step 5

• Mix the lemon juice, vinegar and the salted water (The used amount of these three parts on the size and number of jars you will use because the three parts must be equal so if the used amount is a cup of lemon juice so it must be mixed with a cup of vinegar and a cup of salted water).

Step 6

• Put a layer of oil and close the jar well and the leave it for a month at least, and the more time before use, the better the results.

Step 7

• Leave it in a cool and dry place and away of direct sunlight.

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