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Mortadella | Aleppo Mortadella

  • Yield : 1kilo
  • Servings : 8
  • Prep Time : 0 m
  • Cook Time : 0 m
  • Ready In : 0 m


  • • 1 KG of veal meat.
  • • 1 small cup of toasted flour.
  • • 2 cups of pistachio.
  • • Black pepper and nutmeg and salt.
  • • 2 cups of water.
  • • 2 cups of vinegar.


Step 1

• Cut meat into cubes and mine it in the mincing machine with toasted flour, salt, pepper and a little of grated nutmeg and a little of ice cubes until the meat body becomes solid.

Step 2

• Mix pistachio with meat then take an amount of meat by hand size approximately and then shape it cylindrically with considering not to make any air spaces inside meat and after shaping all the prepared meat.

Step 3

• Put pieces in a tefal pot and flip using a little of oil then after they gain a brown color, add water and vinegar to them and then cook them on a backburner for 20 minutes.

By AleppoFood team

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